Safe Hands Plus

Safe Hands Plus is Scottish Accident’s membership club to ensure to provide you with the cover you’ll need if you’re involved in a car accident – whether it’s your fault or not.

What is Safe Hands Plus?

Safe Hands Plus is designed to make sure members don’t lose out financially if they are involved in a road traffic incident (regardless of fault) by providing free legal advice, total management of the accident process, no policy excess for accidents that aren’t your fault and courtesy car for all accidents where your vehicle is repaired by Scottish Accident. Your car insurance policy won’t help you to claim these back, so without this cover, you’ll either have to pay for a solicitor to try and claim these back for you, or could lose out completely – many providers charge an average of £30 for this level of cover, we’re offering this for free.

Safe Hands Plus will do all of this for you…

Safe Hands Plus – Accident After Care

  • Free legal advice
  • Free courtesy car for all accidents when repaired by a Scottish Accident repairer.
  • 24 HR recovery across Scotland
  • No insurance excess if the accident wasn’t your fault
  • £150 towards your policy excess if the accident was your fault 
  • Free vehicle valuation
  • Assisting you with recovery of “uninsured” losses and any personal injury claim
  • Assist you in the recovery of loss of earnings and damaged property
  • ‘Like-for-like’ replacement vehicle if the accident wasn’t your fault.

24/7 Roadside Recovery

We offer 24/7 365 days a year of roadside recovery on our dedicated phone number.


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Can I Make A Claim?

No one should suffer financial hardship following a non-fault accident.

Scottish Accident are here to help.

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