Cycle Accident

Scottish Accident provides cyclists with professional and specialist advice and legal representation following a road accident involving a bike. Being keen cyclists ourselves, we know what it’s like being on Scottish roads. Our team is part of a riding and mountain biking club and we’ve even taken part in Triathlon and 24hr races.

Whether the accident is your fault or not, be sure to call us today on 0141 258 2030 if you have any questions. We’d be more than happy to give you the best advice available on managing your accident and potential compensation.

We have a proud history of success in getting the maximum compensation for our clients and getting them back on the saddle. Not only do we focus on the compensation claim – but we also make sure that you have everything you need to make a speedy, full and safe recovery.

Rehabilitation is our top priority and we believe that in order to do so, it’s best that you don’t have to stress out over your compensation claim. This is why we have developed a specialist team that deals with cyclist road traffic accidents and ensures that you get the full compensation and support that you need and deserve.

Our Free Uninsured Loss Recovery Protection is designed specifically for cyclists in the event of an accident that’s not your fault. This cover means that our team will be ready to negotiate a settlement for any loss of earnings that you are forced to experience during your recovery.

Our team has vast experience in taking care of all costs that aren’t directly associated with the injury (Special Damages), and will offer you access to:

  • Specialist Legal Advice
  • Specialist Medical Advice
  • Physiotherapy
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Compensation for damages to equipment (Bike, clothing, helmet etc.).
  • Discounts at local bike shops to help get you back on the road
  • Recovery and safe storage of the bicycle
  • Medical Expense Coverage

Don’t be caught unaware, simply fill out the Uninsured Loss Recovery Protection form below to get your free membership card.

Can I Make A Claim?

No one should suffer financial hardship following a non-fault accident.

Scottish Accident are here to help.

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