Trip or Fall

Slipping, tripping and falling in public is a serious matter. The embarrassment is only a tiny part of the pain it can cause. Physical and emotional injuries can have a profound and life-changing effect on victims and their family.

We understand that there’s more to slips and trips than just superficial injury. Loss of earnings, recovery costs and ongoing decreased quality of life are some of the serious consequences that we understand and have seen first hand.

In most cases, trip and fall accidents occur in a public place as a result of floors and surfaces that have not properly met safety standards. These include supermarket floors, steep public steps, floors that do not have the proper safety seal, worn carpets or boxes and items left lying around when they should be tidied up. We can help to determine whether your slip, trip or fall was the result of negligence and, if so, start your claim.

If you have had a slip, trip or fall accident, you may be fully entitled to compensation. It’s important that you speak to an expert as soon as possible after the accident – call us today on 0141 258 2030 and one of our specialists can help identify your next steps and begin your successful claim.

Can I Make A Claim?

No one should suffer financial hardship following a non-fault accident.

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