Motorbike Accident

Scottish Accident is Scotland’s most trusted motorcycle accident and claims management company. Our friendly team will ensure that you receive a replacement bike and compensation for your injury along with and reimbursements that may be owed to you due to damage of property or equipment.

We have a first-hand understanding and appreciation of how motorbike accidents. We’re also fully aware of the challenges motorcyclists experience. This gives us the advantage in managing and maximising the compensation you truly deserve. We know that more often than not, a motorbike accident is not the fault of the biker. Damages, injuries and claims are complex procedures, but we’ve become Scotland’s leading claims management agency by simplifying and sensitively dealing with these processes.

In the immediate aftermath of a motorbike accident, compensation isn’t usually the first thing on your mind. We take great pride in helping our clients make a full recovery from any injuries they have sustained, whilst getting them the compensation and support they deserve.

Our highly specialised team handles motorbike accident claims on a regular basis. This means that we know the ‘ins-and-outs’ when it comes to assessing the damage and dealing with insurers.

If you’d like the peace of mind that comes with having the support of Scotland’s leading accident and claims management company, call us FREE today on 0141 258 2030. One of our experienced team members will be on hand to give you the best impartial and confidential advice available.

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No one should suffer financial hardship following a non-fault accident.

Scottish Accident are here to help.

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